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Havelock Photography was established in 2012 as a commercial photography company, offering creative and exciting photography, mainly for branding, advertising and marketing purposes.

In recent years with an ever growing client list we have grown to become not just one of Bristol's leading commercial photography companies, but also a photographic agency, working with multiple photographers, allowing us to reach far and wide across the UK and US.

Our client list has grown from a handful go local companies in the early days to a long list including several multi-national corporations and billion dollar institutions.

But while all this has been going on, we have retained a strong commitment to local business, and we ensure that we can offer competitive prices across the spectrum of brands that we work with. So whilst we do engage big business, we also offer great package prices for customers from the Bristol area.

The reason we can do these two things is that we're not just about profit. Our lives don't revolve around turnover and growth. Our brand values clearly state that customer care, customer satisfaction and giving back to a local community that has always stood by us are our top priorities.

We spend almost an equal amount of our year quoting for, and carrying out jobs for, premium international clients and local businesses. And in fact, whilst Nick, our lead creative and lead photographer and videographer, should probably assign himself to the top jobs that come in, he most often chooses to hand those over to one of our partner photographers and spend his time working with the little guys!

Check out our brand values here: Havelock brand values

If you take a read through that article, you'll get a sense of what drives us, what makes us tick and why we place such high importance on the growing businesses and the folks who can't afford the sort of budgets that our international clients work on. 

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a photo that you created for a growing local SME being plastered all around the internet, or used for advertising in a magazine, and the photo giving the business owner enormous pride in his brand. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a brand video that you created for an up and coming company taking off on YouTube and going crazy.

That's what makes us tick.

After focusing on stills photography for many years, we have recently opened Havelock Video to create promotional video content which matches up to the high standards of our stills work. And within just a few months we're seeing the sort of success we saw in the stills business. We now have viral videos working their way around the web, with upwards of 50k views, and counting.

All the values which we hold dear for our stills work, still stand for our video work.


Our lead creative, Nick Davis, has a long history in professional broadcast television production, but initially started Havelock as a means of focusing on stills photography.  Because of this long history our staff has always been made up of mostly broadcast UK and US television professionals, doing photography.


Then, in 2018, after enduring years of pressure from clients to provide a video service, we finally relented.  

Havelock Video is now open for business, offering to clients the very best in business marketing videography, run by world-leading industry professionals who have cut their teeth in the broadcast TV and film industries.

You want high quality video for your business? It doesn't get better than this.

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