Havelock Photography | Client Access

When your images are ready to be viewed, you will be sent a gallery ID via email. Entering this gallery ID in the box below will take you direct to your secure private gallery. Your images are likely to be protected with a watermark, but have no fear, this is only temporary and once everything had been settled between you and Havelock, we will send you your images clear of all watermarks.


Please note, downloading will be disabled in your gallery, unless you have agreed otherwise with Havelock.


If you haven't been sent your gallery ID yet, return to the homepage here or drop us a call (07824 701577) or email info@havelockphotography.com


Any problems with your Client Gallery, don't hesitate to get help by emailing your query to info@havelockphotography.com


Please type in your gallery ID to go directly to your proofing gallery.