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Havelock Photography's Privacy Policy

In our sales section, our contact section and during some of our online advertising campaigns and social media campaigns, we ask users to input some data such as names, business areas and email addresses.

When purchasing images in our online gallery you may also be asked to input other information such as addresses.

Please rest assured that while this information is stored, it will only be used to contact you to follow up on a request for information or to offer you photography products which we think are appropriate to your needs.

Havelock Photography DO NOT share ANY information with third parties, ever! We won't allow any of your information to be used by anyone else.

Your information is your information and if you would like it removed from our databases we will happily do that immediately for you. Just email info@havelockphotography.com, or nick@havelockphotography.com asking for your details to be removed and we will send you confirmation that it will happen.

Any problems, please get in touch!