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You have won a 1 hour family photoshoot and 16"x20" framed giclee print of your favourite photo from the shoot!

My name is Nick Davis, I'm not usually a family photographer, I'm an award winning commercial photographer, working for clients such as National Geographic, Discovery, BBC, Channel 4, ITV and many others. My work has been published in many magazines, newspapers, weekend supplements.

I usually do family portraits only for very close friends and family. But as a special gift to Crossways School, I'm offering this one-off family portrait shoot!

Your shoot can be as traditional or as crazy as you like, but I would suggest that to get the most from this prize, you should be open to a little creativity! But it's your shoot.

Drop me an email at with the subject line "Raffle prize", and we can set up a call to talk through what you would like for your photoshoot... and we can get it booked in!

Once we've done the shoot, I will edit and tidy up the photos to ensure everyone is looking their best, send through the best ones to you and you choose the one you would like to have printed and framed.

You'll also get to keep all the digital images as well, so if you want to have more printed you can.

Congratulations again, I look forward to working with you to get some fantastic family photos.

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