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Fashion photography is one of the biggest sectors in the commercial photography market. It's also, sometimes, one of the most unfathomable!

You will have all seen the high fashion imagery that comes on the inside cover of the Sunday Times magazine. And you will have seen George Clooney modelling some extraordinarily expensive timepiece on his wrist. And you will have seen a Next directory or similar. And you will also, probably, have experienced some god awful photographs of fashion items as you root around in the lower reaches of Amazon (the online shopping website, not the river).

These are all classed as fashion photography. We don't necessarily do them all, but we do some of them. In fact, the easiest way to describe what we offer to the fashion marketing world, is by taking that list of examples of fashion photography and lopping off the first one and the last one.

We don't really get into the unfathomable... because in our view, and that of our clients, being able to "fathom" a product is quite important in making a sale.

We also don't dip into the god awful, low-fi, piss poor photographs of some online shopping websites. Not because we take a high and mighty view on such things, more because we don't quite know how to create poor quality photography. We have tried, and it's very difficult. It's like asking Rembrandt to paint like an infant. He might be able to give it a good go, but what he will end up creating is the best impressionistic recreation of an infant's art work that the world has ever seen. In trying to be crap, we end up being incredibly good at being crap, and still top the pile. 

That's what we DON'T do. Here's what we DO do...

We create eye-catching, on point, brand aware, visually immaculate imagery for fashion clients. Photography that encompasses your brand ethos, displays your products, and grabs the attention of the passing shopper.

We believe those are the key qualities needed for good fashion photography.

When you see those unfathomable images on the inside cover of the Sunday Times magazine, they are almost entirely focusing on brand awareness. The photographs themselves will often not show any of the company's products. Or if they do, then they are barely noticeable and their inclusion is entirely secondary to the brand image which is being portrayed.

And that's fine. That's a great use of money when you are a multi-million pound fashion label. But it's not for everyone.

Most companies that we have worked with fall into the Next Directory kind of category - they want high quality images, they want all of their images to carry a style, a theme, a brand message... but they also want their products to be visible, identifiable and so well illustrated that their customers don't have to work hard to see what's being sold.

If that sounds like the sort of fashion photography that you are looking for, then you're in the right place. We can help. 

Give us a call today, or drop us an email. Let's start a conversation about how we can boost your sales and build brand awareness at the same time!

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