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YouTube mentoring and content creation

Want to  do YouTube but not sure where to start?

YouTube can be a fantastic tool for bringing customers to your business, or it can be a powerful money making outlet in its own right. 

We have helped customers start their YouTube channel, grow their audience, and drive customers to their chosen targets.

Get in touch today to talk about how you can get your channel off the ground, how you can engage with your audience, and how you can use this versatile and far reaching platform to boost your business!

Help with filming

We can help with all aspects of filming - from advice about cameras, sound, lighting and formats to one on one tutoring in how to shoot your videos with the end goal in mind. We can also come out and film the first few for you, if that's the best way forward for you. Or if you want us to film all your content, we can set up a regular filming plan.

Goal-oriented forward planning

As part of out YouTube mentoring packages we offer coaching on how to plan your channel, how to map out your pathways based on what you want to ultimately achieve with your channel. Whether you want to drive customers to your website, or turn your YouTube channel into a money earner in itself, we can support you on your journey.

Help with editing

Video editing can be daunting... especially for the less tech savvy. But it's unavoidable, if you want to succeed on YouTube, you'll have to tackle it! We can advise on best software, we can tutor you in how to use that software, or we can edit your videos for you. Or we can offer a bespoke combination of all of these.

Monetisation support

YouTube direct monetisation, once you've hit the benchmarks, is something that you can do well, or you can do it badly. We're here to hold you hand through that change, if that's what you need. Direct monetisation is also just one way of making money from your YouTube channel. There are so many more avenues to explore!

Channel growth advice

The trap of all social media is chasing those likes... but what is actually the best way of measuring your channel progress? What goals do you have for your channel? We can help you set your targets, help you reach those targets, and help you measure your channel performance with real world indicators.

Multi-platform linking

Once we have your commercial goals set, and you channel plan in place, it's worth looking at the wider picture. How can other social media outlets help with your channel, or offer you better conversion on your contacts, and ultimately increase your earnings? There is a world of earning potential to explore out there. Let us show you the possibilities!


Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.

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