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Photography comes in many forms, many flavours... but probably the most recognisable and understood is the humble event photography!

It is as plain a simple as a professionally photographed record of your event. It's often very similar in style to its non-commercial equivalent - wedding photography. We don't do wedding photography I'm afraid (sorry wedding peeps, good luck on your big day!), but we definitely do photograph business events.

Whatever your business event, whether it's a product launch, a corporate party, a gallery show, a public consultation day... whatever gathering your company is having, after all the effort that has gone into it, is it not worth having an official record of the day?

Event photography can be carried out in a number of ways - whenever Havelock are booked for an event we go through the options with you. The options available to you include extra photographers, flash or no flash, photographer(s) seen or unseen.

We are ready to work to your brief - if you would rather your guests were almost unaware that there is a photographer around, then we can blend into the background. If the photos are a priority for you, then we can be omnipresent and vocal in our instructions. And there's every option in between those two. Including some even more noticeable than the "omnipresent and vocal"option!

We have done corporate events in the past where the photographer was an important part of the event, and the event organiser wanted everyone to see the photographer and have their photo taken. 

However you want your event photography, just let us know and we will be happy to advise on what we can do.

If you are an event organiser and you're thinking of having a photographer at the event which you're planning, then why not give us a call today?

You will find our event photography packages to be competitive and comprehensive. The cost is usually well within budgets, and if you book a photographer for your day, then you have the photo forever. Whether you decide to use them or not!

But if you decide not to book a  photographer, then once the day is gone, the day is gone. You can't change your mind after the event and think "maybe we should have hired a photographer after all"... the time to book is now!

So give us a call, or drop us an email, and ask what great deals we can offer on your event photography.

Click HERE to get in touch!

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