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Thornbury Headshots
Professional Headshots by Havelock - Thornbury and Bristol headshots - 4
Headshot Photography - Havelock
Staff portraits - headshots Bristol
Professional headshot photographer
Professional Headshot photography
Business headshots Bristol
Professional Headshots by Havelock - Thornbury and Bristol headshots - 2
Headshot photography Bristol
Creative staff portraits
Professional Headshots by Havelock - Thornbury and Bristol headshots - 3
Headshot Photography Bristol
Headshots and portraits
Creative staff portraits Bristol
Headshots Bristol
Professional Headshots by Havelock - Thornbury and Bristol headshots - 5
Staff Portraits bristol
Professional Headshots by Havelock - Thornbury and Bristol headshots - 1
Business portraits and headshots
Havelock - business portraits
Havelock Photography - headshots
Headshots by Havelock Photography
Creative staff portraits Bristol


Havelock are professional business photographers based in Bristol - headshots are one of our core areas of work.

Not sure what a headshot is or if you need one?

A headshot is what you see above... a shot of your head. Otherwise known as a profile picture, or perhaps just a business portrait. 

The term headshot is a little misleading... we very rarely deliver photos of just someone's head! Headshots are usually head and shoulders. Part of the reason we never deliver a "head only" shot, is that without significant photoshop work it's actually impossible to have a head without some element of shoulders. If you look in the mirror, or even study some of the images above, you'll see that on most people the lower half of the head, or perhaps the tip of the chin, intersects with the line of the shoulders.

There is a reason why we're talking about this. And it is that we, as photographers, spend our days looking at faces, lighting faces, examining faces and making sure we get your "good side".

We have spent, in total, probably several years taking headshots. We have all that experience to call upon to ensure that we a creating photographs which will make you smile when you receive them.

Taking headshots is not just about getting the background right, it's about delivering to you a photograph that you think is a good likeness of you. And that is a trickier thing than you might imagine. It involves not only taking a good photo of you, but also being able to have some insight into what you think looks good about you and what doesn't.

Two of our most popular requests for professional headshot photography are for LinkedIn profiles, and actor's headshots. They are good examples of where it is essential that you  think you look good.

You want to be proud of your headshot, and not ashamed of distributing it. That is what we promise to deliver - headshots which are not only technically perfect, and therefore recognisable as having been professionally taken, but also headshot which both you and we think are good photos of you.

We don't want to life back the curtain too much... because if you read this and then book a headshot session with one of our photographers then you will be aware of what is taking place and you may become self-conscious... but in essence we spend time with you, we read you, we watch you, and using our years of experience doing this, we determine what style of photo will most likely be appealing to both you and us. 

If you are booking a headshot session for your staff, imagine how much better everyone will feel if they have a headshot on your website which they think is a great photo of them. Better for staff morale, and better for longevity of those headshots, fewer people badgering you to have them taken again.

It's the age old mantra - buy cheap, buy twice. If you cut corners with you headshots you can guarantee that you'll be doing them all over again before you know it. 

If you bring in the professionals, Bristol's leading headshot photographers, then you will know that those images will last. So if you are planning a headshot session for you, or your staff, get in touch today and find out what we can do for you.

Call us, email us, let's start a conversation.

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