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The top 15 reasons you need to hire a professional photographer

Bristol Commercial Photography - Woman standing in front of window
In the world of business, brand is everything and your photography reflects your brand. This is not an area to skimp.

In the business world it is essential that your company has a professional appearance. One way they can do this is to use the services of a professional photographer. If your business is based in Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Cardiff or anywhere near here, then we can help you!

Both new businesses and existing business can benefit from commercial photography services. Some businesses and business owners decide to take pictures on their own. If they do not understand photography, there’s every chance the photos will come out looking amateur and this will not make a great impression on your customers.

Stock photos are an option and may look professional but… do you ever get the feeling that you’ve seen that photo somewhere before?? Well guess what - 3% of stock photo libraries account for 99% of stock photo sales. You probably have seen that photo before! It’s time to get your own bespoke business photography done.

Any business can benefit from having professional photographs taken. High-quality photographs can reflect the professionalism of a business. It shows that the business takes care of itself and looking and appearing professional is important. There are many benefits to a business when they decide to hire a professional photographer. They will see the benefits and the difference in the quality of the pictures.

Bristol commercial photography - man standing in front of tractor
When showing off your business and brand, hiring a professional is the only thing to do.

Better Seen Than Said

There is an old saying… which I’m not going to regurgitate here (something to do with a thousand words). But it’s true. A potential customer can pick up far more information from looking at a picture than listening to spoken words.

Professionally taken pictures allow the business to show clients and customers the products and services they have to offer. They can see the products with their own eyes, from different angles and they can see the employees performing their services.

The photos will be more descriptive than words could ever be, and more impactful than your customer listening to someone try to describe the service. Customers want to see things on their own and be allowed to make their own mind up, and make an informed decision if they want to make a purchase.

With the internet shopping now more popular than any high street, customers are becoming accustomed to looking at pictures and images before they make a purchase, and that applies to service industries as well. Customers want to see what the company has to offer and professional brand photography is the best way to showcase your wares.

We live in a visual world, and good business photography is essential

A business may be tempted to save some money when it comes to photos and other forms of media. Many business owners do not immediately see the value in hiring a professional photographer. But this is not an area where a business should cut costs.

Photos that are low in quality and do not look like they were taken by a professional can have a negative impact on your business. If the photos are low-quality customers are going to think that the products that are being provided by the company are going to be low quality too.

This is bad. In an age where attention is the new must have commodity, do you really want to risk that first impression being a negative one? When a customer is looking at your photos this the chance to make a positive first impression. Your business doesn’t want to lose the customer in the first few seconds. There is an opportunity to grab passing trade, and successful business realise this.

Professional photography can allow your business to make a strong first impression and are willing to take the time to make sure things are done right.

Bristol commercial photography by Havelock - metal working blacksmith by furnace
Highlighting key areas of your business is best done by using photographs - but don't fall into the trap of using poor-quality imagery.

Professional photography speaks directly to your customers

The modern customer wants to be able to get to know the business that they are considering working with. They want to learn the values and the mission of the business.

Stock photos don’t allow for this. They do not show the personality behind the business and what the business stands for. Stock photos do nothing to represent the identity of your business. While there may be some times when stock photos can be useful, they are not a good way to show what the business stands for.

The best way to showcase a business is to use high-quality photographs of the actual business itself. When someone visits the website of your business they want to get a sense of what you have to offer. This cannot be done using stock photos. Customers want to see real pictures of the business and the workers so they can know what the business is all about.

Great marketing needs great photography

Real and high-quality photographs of the business can be a huge boost to your marketing plans. It is important to have high quality pictures both on your website and on your social media channels.

These pictures are going to help determine the SEO ranking of the website. If the photos are low quality the site is not going to appear in a high position on the search results. High-quality pictures will improve SEO ranking. The website is given a ranking by Google and other search engines to determine if it is reliable. If the pictures are low quality the site will not be seen as reliable or an authority site.

If the pictures are original and professional than the site will get to enjoy a higher place on the search results page. The image can help a customer find the business and direct them to the website. Pictures that are optimized can allow the site to perform better and will show that this company is real and reliable. The site will be seen as a site that is reliable and a site that is an authority in its field. This will encourage customers to trust the site and will allow them to know that the business is trusted and reliable.

Bristol commercial photography by Havelock - portrait of tennis business woman
Getting your business photography done by a professional should be on every business owners "must do" list. Great photographs can make all the difference to your marketing

Professional photography is versatile

Professional pictures have many uses for the business. When marketing a business online it is important to have high-quality content. Photos that are taken by a professional can be viewed as content that is high quality. The same professional pictures can be used in many different areas of marketing.

Professional photography can be used on your website and they can also be used on different social media pages. They can be used on Google Plus as well. Your professional pictures can be used in blog posts and they can even be part of a marketing campaign and used on marketing materials.

In Bristol, the possibilities for marketing with these pictures can be endless and there are many different areas where these pictures can be used.

The difference between quantity and quality in commercial photography

With the ever increasing use of smartphones and digital cameras, anyone can take photographs. A business owner can take several hundred pictures of their products and other services within a couple of hours. They can have all of the pictures that want but if the photos are low quality than this does not serve the business any purpose.

A local professional photography company can allow a business to have pictures that it will be able to use and be proud of for years to come. The professional photographer will know how to shoot the subjects, whatever they me, and know how to make them look great. A pro photographer will know the angle to take the photographs at, the lights to use, and all of the other items that make photography stand out from the crowd.

Professional photographers will also be able to edit the pictures to remove shadowing and slight imperfections, and to take those photos from “good” to “incredible”. They will make the picture look the best when they are edited. They will make the picture look stunning. A professional will not be able to edit the photos to the quality that the professionals are able to, but once the images are complete they can be used for a number of purposes. While there may not be as many pictures to choose from as there might be when you go nuts with your smartphone, the photos that are able to be used will be high quality.

Bristol brand photography by Havelock - diver standing in front of raging sea.
For a professional photographer, taking the photo is only the start of the process. Striking images, like the one above, are made in the edit, so choose your photographer wisely.

Great business photos require great business photo editors

The professional photographer will not only know how to take a great picture, but they will also know how to edit them as well. The pros will have the skills to edit the pictures to make them look their best. There is more to taking a great picture than pressing the button. Top class photographers will be able to shoot the picture in the correct manner and they will be able to make sure the image is edited correctly as well. After shooting the picture it must be edited to look its best.

Professional photographers should have the best equipment available on the market, in order to make sure the photographs delivered are as good as they can be. Many people have dabbled in photo editing, and may even own a copy of photoshop – but consider this… we at Havelock Photography spend all day, every day in our studio in Bristol, using Photoshop and other software packages. We know how to use them properly, and we know how to make your business photos look better than you can imagine.

The skills of a professional commercial photographer

The professionals are trained to take pictures. That is their job. They get paid to do this. Just like a accountant is an expert in creating company accounts and ensuring those accounts work hard for their company, professional photographers are experts in crafting and designing great photography that works for your brand.

The professional photographer needs to make sure they always deliver a quality service. That is their business. They take pride in their work and want to be able to show off their skills. They will make sure their pictures will look the best and they will provide a quality job with every shoot they are on.

They should have the skills to anticipate movements before they happen and know how to manipulate a scene. They know how to use the lighting and, if they’re anything like our pros, they will carry with them a vast entourage of lighting options. Pro photographers will make sure the pictures look great before they are released to the business.

In business photography, your photos are your customer experience

Every business owner wants to show they are experienced in their field and they have experience in what they do and that they care about their customers. Business owners want to show that they care about client experience and the opinion of their business. They care about what people think. They want pictures of their business to look great.

One of the ways to do this is to hire a professional photographer. It shows that the business is willing to engage in committing expense to achieve high quality. This can then be said for their products and services. Professional photos show that a business owner takes pride in their work and they want their company to be respected. This is why they would use the services of a professional. This will allow the business owner to show that they can be serious about their business and the opinion of their customers.

Portrait of a woman with heavy photoshop work - by Havelock, Bristol personal brand photographer
Whether it's personal branding, or company branding, can you really afford to risk doing it yourself? We would suggest this is not an area in which to cut corners.

Good photos increase value of your brand

It is important to have a good reputation. Your business does not want to look shabby or unprofessional in any way. You can have the best products or services but if your brand does not look appealing then it will hurt your reputation.

This is why it is important to have high-quality pictures in the world of business. Public opinion is very important and they a high-quality photography to look at on which to judge your brand. These high-quality images will show that the brand cares about and the customers and that the business cares about their reputation and what customers think of them.

If your brand shows that you value quality they are more likely to make a sale. Customers will want to work with you and are more likely to make a purchase.

Image is everything, and your brand photography is your image

In the world of business, image is everything. And you image relies on your business imagery.

A business can have high-quality products and services but if they have poor quality images it can do more harm than good to their reputation. They need to make sure all of the images they have for marking and on their social media accounts including website are high quality. The best way to do this is to hire a professional photographer. They have experience in the field and are able to make sure the images will come out looking their best. They work to provide high-quality images.

While a business owner can take pictures on their own they will not be the same quality or expertise as the professionals. It is important that business take the time to make sure their photos are professional looking and they should use the services of a professional photographer for this purpose. While it may cost more money, in the beginning, the results from the professional photographs are well worth it in the end.

The benefits that high quality professional photography can bring to your business are undeniable. The time to invest in great photography is now!

Get in touch, let’s start the conversation. We want to answer all these questions… we’ve written them because we know we can answer them all!

Contact us through our contact page by clicking here.

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