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Professional Photography in Digital Marketing

Professional photography in digital marketing - the difference professional images make to the effectiveness of your brand image

We live in a media rich world, from Twitter to Facebook, YouTube to Instagram, everyone somewhere has something to say and believes they know how to say it best.

The two owners of Two Chaps - professional portrait photography in Bristol
Having great photography is the key to successful digital marketing

The problem here is that, without the actual hard-earned skill and ability that comes with professional training and commercial experience, a lot of what goes up online is the media equivalent of junk mail. In a world where you and your brand must stand out, using a professional commercial photography company and the unseen added extras that come with it, are a must.

But why not just shoot the whole thing on your smart phone? It works for those kids on the internet right? Well without a truly rigorous professional eye, people make the same mistakes over and over. It’s no good just having a bank of images in the hope one of them might spark a few retweets.

Quality shines out over quantity and that’s where getting a professional in to take you brand photography or advertising photography makes a huge impact in digital marketing.

It’s important to show your product in a way that is true to your brand, but also accessible for the customer. Perhaps this is displaying just how the product works via a marketing video on social media, or it could be capturing that perfect moment of interaction between customer and product with eye catching photography.

Either way, imagery that accurately and enticingly reflects your brand identity is crucial, and it’s a lot more important than yet another pack shot. Professional commercial photography doesn’t just bring you the assurances of crisp focus and proper lighting, but also works with your brand to find the core of what you are offering, and the appropriate way to fully visualise that for maximum effectiveness in communication to your customers.

Still though, you might be thinking, “why bother with professional photography? I’m pretty creative, I’ve got an Instagram account, why can’t I do it myself?” Let’s be honest, you can. Of course you can. Lots of people do. But when you look around at the internet, or in people’s homes, or in any area life… are you often able to tell the DIY jobs from the professional ones? Probably. And if your honest with yourself, do you really want your brand known for being a bit Heath Robinson?

Your brand photography is the first thing that people will see when they hit your website, or your Facebook page your LinkedIn profile etc. This is your brief chance in our modern world of short attention spans, to make a lasting, positive impression.

The benefits of a professional behind the camera and even behind your social media content become clear. For one, your role is to run your company - your staff, your margins - and the world of digital marketing can be an extremely confusing and time-consuming place. That’s where the skills and experience of a professional photographer can push your brand to the front. By working with you to create strong, powerful and ultimately perfect, eye catching and on-brand photography, we can take your company a step further.

Professionally marketing photographers in Bristol
Striking photography your digital marketing can make the difference between being noticed and disappearing into the void

Don’t get me wrong, you’ve got a smartphone and certainly can produce content for the digital marketplace. But sending out another slice of sub-standard digital junk mail into the seas of social media is a far cry from launching world class images and dedicated content to the front page of your customers’ search engines.

At Havelock Photography, our graft is your gain. We know the whims of the media markets and we know what will sink or swim. We are also hugely experienced in working with brands, both large and small, and creating a visual framework to encompass, reflect and amplify your brand. We’ve been successfully doing exactly that for hundreds of businesses for nearly 7 years.

Give us a call today and let’s start a conversation about how we can propel your brand to a new level. There’s no commitment, we’ll have an initial conversation for free. We want to hear about your business, and show you how we can change your customers’ experience for the better. In 7 years of operation we’ve never had a single customer who regretted picking up that phone.

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