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The benefits of professional brand photography

While a website, a logo, and maximum exposure via social media are vital for an organization, it’s vital that businesses don’t ignore impact of photography in branding. Creating a brand entails more than just web design because your audience wants to know more about you. Good branding allows people to remember you because it communicates your whole essence, values, and history without saying much.

Two chaps car reviewers - YouTube brand photography by Havelock
Brand defining photography and graphic packages can make a huge difference to your business

Achieving really great branding requires you to seek commercial photography and get professional images of your products, business and team. High quality photography helps to encapsulate your company’s character and style. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of businesses in Bristol and around missing the benefits of top notch visual content, which makes it almost impossible to represent their brand consistently. Here are the top benefits of brand photography.

The Images Tell Your Story Beautifully

Every business has a unique story. The adage that says, “a picture is worth a thousand words," explains what images can do for your brand. You can share your story beautifully through social media, blog, or email marketing. This helps to deliver the message clearly even to online users who have no time to read. The infinite details contained in a well crafted brand photo convey more about your brand in a very quick look than you could hope to get across in 1000 words or more!

Photos allow your customers to see and relate, not just to what you have to offer, but to how you are offering it. They make your story interesting, educating, entertaining, inspiring, and motivating. With the Internet readily accessible worldwide, your photos or videos will add more value to your business.

Good for Your Company’s Image

Brand photography represents your business. This is why you should never be tempted to hire anything less than a photography expert. The images show your products and services. Low-quality photos represent your business in a bad light. It makes people have a low opinion regarding what you have to offer. Essentially, lousy photography can affect your business negatively, and you must avoid it at all costs.

Marketing and brand photography in Bristol by Havelock
High quality professional photographs can tell your potential customers so much about your brand, and give your website and marketing material a real identity.

Make It Easy To Connect With Clients on the Web

By sharing your images, you allow potential customers to know about your dreams, passions, and fears. Besides, you reach like-minded people because most of them are searching for products and services online. However, as a business owner, you must represent yourself authentically online using professional images in the modern digital world if you want to win customers.

Moreover, by posting these images on your website, you stand a high chance of benefiting from SEO. This means your site ranks high with search engines. Images are one of the many elements of SEO. For great results, optimize the pictures, and your overall search performance in results will improve. Customers will also stay on your site longer and increase your chances of doing business with them.

Gives Your Company a Professional Image

Creatively taken photos are eye-catching, and customers will be impressed. It shows how seriously you take the business, which translates into quality products and services. As the head of your company, you are its face too so include your professional headshots. Let your customers see you in different areas of your business to build trust.

Brand Photography is Versatile

Photos are versatile and a great asset for your business. Most people do not know the value of professional brand images, but they are as useful as the written content. In online marketing, content is referred to as the king, and this includes images too.

Posting photos on your website increases engagement. They also help you create a strong brand via social media on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. You can also add the images in your blogs and articles; the uses of these great assets are endless.

By investing in quality brand photos, you empower your business with powerful marketing assets. They provide you with a plethora of ways to improve your marketing effort and achieve your goals.

Increased Sales and Profits

Innovative photography increases sales. A company that adds images of products and a catchy description attracts customers and automatically enjoys increased sales. Market research shows that most customers click on beautiful images but avoid amateur-looking photos.

Girls in forest - ZeroFox kids clothing brand photography by Havelock
How many words would it really take to explain everything a well crafted photo could convert in seconds? More than 1000 we think!

Gives You Individuality

Every business sector is full of competition. The only way to stand out and be noticed by customers is through effective marketing strategies. Some people opt to use downloaded stock images, but for individuality, professional brand photos are the best.

Allow your business to evolve with time and stay up to date. Setting aside a budget to hire a professional photographer should not sound strange. Work closely with your web designer and make sure they format your photos and use them on the site. This will make you stand out among your competitors.

Cost Effective

Sharing images does not take much effort, but it gives you free publicity. However, they have to be your personalized photos to ensure that only you can enjoy the benefits. The best thing is that you do not have to worry about the high costs of branding photography. You just need the initial investment and enjoy benefits for years.

The cost of photography is small compared to the marketing impact of personalized pictures. Since professionals do the work, the images are edited and retouched magnificently. You can sit and watch your business grow due to such little investments that professionally convey your company.

Creates the Photos You Want

If you love using image content in your online marketing, you know the pain of failing to find a suitable image to use. You get detailed pictures of your products that will provide exactly what is needed. In the end, your customers can understand your products easily without reading long scripts.

Bottom Line

All the above befits aim at elevating your business brand. You may not know the best images for your cache, but with a professional photographer in Bristol, you have a solution. Nothing can beat an inventory built with the help of an expert. Using bad pictures on your website is worse than downloading online. If you are not ready to pay, a commercial photographer for quality personalized images use free ones. This may not help you stand out, but at least it will not give the wrong impression.

If you’re thinking about hiring a photographer and having brand images created, give us a call now for a quote! You’ll be amazed by what we can offer your business, and how affordable it can be!

And if you’re thinking about brand photography, why not consider having some eye catching promotional video created too? We offer some insane package deals. Get in touch and ask us about combined photo and video packages.

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