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The importance of professional commercial photography

Photography is more important for the promotion of your business than any other thing. The effect of visual communication has become apparent with the rise of social and digital media in these modern times. Photographs like pictures and videos have a high likelihood of engaging potential customers because people are drawn to imagery than they are to written content. Today, it is necessary for businesses in Bristol to include good quality photographs on websites and printed marketing materials to make a lasting impression on potential customers.

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Hiring a professional to create your business photography is one of the most effective things you can do to boost your brand

Common Types of Commercial Photography

Advertising Photography

Advertising photography highlights a product, brand, service, or individual, and it is used in print advertising like newspapers, magazines, and leaflets. It is also used in television ads, websites, digital ads, billboards. Advertising photography is sales driven and is often done through a design firm or advertising agency.

Sports Photography

Sports photography captures some of the important, crucial, and interesting happenings in the world of sport. These images are used to cover sporting events, write sports news, and other players’ related news. It involves the use of excellent cameras that capture the players in action.

Architecture Photography

Architecture photography is used to capture images of buildings, structures, and the interior of a restaurant or a house. Photographers apply lighting techniques to highlight beauty spots. This type of photography is mainly used to promote real estate businesses, restaurants, and houses.

Food Photography

The food industry is growing in importance in every economy. Since this is the case, food companies are trying to outdo each other to get the largest market share. Food photography is used to capture the images of various menus and cuisines in an attractive way.

Automobile Photography

Car companies promote existing or brand new cars using automobile photography. Most prospective buyers like picture representations of the products they want to buy, especially when it is an automobile. This form of photography is used to drive awareness regarding a car’s benefits and special features.

Journalism Photography

Journalism form of photography is used to capture newsworthy images, and is relevant to certain news topics. It captures current happenings in the world or major events, and it is used in news channels, media houses, and online news portals.

Product Photography

Picture photography is used in product-based companies. A company creates awareness for its products using product images to increase sales. Picture photography also promotes the various features and benefits of a product.

Jewelry Photography

Jewelry photography captures the beautiful aspects of a bracelet, ring, necklace, and other jewels. Jewelry companies utilize photographs in newspapers, brochures, social media channels, and digital advertisements.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography captures things from a high position. Photographs are captured from a high position using sophisticated high-end cameras from aircraft systems, helicopters, balloons, and parachutes.

What You Need to Consider When Using Commercial Photography for Your Business


This is your specialization. You need to determine your product or service and which type of commercial photography in Bristol that will work for your business. For example, food photography is meant for companies in the food industry.

Generic versus Original Images

Generic images are photos you can easily download online. You need to determine whether generic images will work for your business. If generic images do not work, you need to highlight some unique features of your business with original images.

Whether You Need to Hire a Professional

Determine whether you can handle the demands of photography alone. For example, if you have a high-end camera and know the basics of photography, you can easily take photos of your products. In this case, you might not need the services of a professional photographer. However, if you are dealing with complex photography, like aerial and architecture photography, it is better to hire a professional.


Ask yourself why you want to use commercial photography. If your sales are low or your return on investment is not reasonable, using commercial photography does not necessarily guarantee significant changes. However, if you are looking to increase traffic to your website or social media pages, then commercial photography can do wonders.

Benefits of Commercial Photography

Enhances the Company’s Image

Commercial photography enables you to display your products and services professionally. This approach helps your customer understand about what products or services you are offering. A poor image will make a bad impression and hurt the overall reputation of your business.

Improves the Eminence of Your Brand

Consumers believe in what they see, and they like to see their preferred company in action. If your company is involved in a big occasion or event, then a commercial photographer will help you capture different scenes at the event. You can post these images on your website, Facebook page, and brochures to enhance your brand prominence.

Increase Brand Awareness

One of the best ways to make people aware of your brand is to give them a general idea of what to expect. Creative photos capture the main features of your brand, and this helps create awareness for your brand. However, if you post amateur images that do not highlight the basic components of your brand, then you will have a minimal effect on potential clients.

Increase Sales and ROI

Commercial photography has proven to improve sales and return on investment for many companies. A company that adds a photograph to a product description has a more intense effect on their potential clients than a product description without a vivid image. Research shows that potential customers normally click on attractive images than on dull and amateur looking images.

Familiarize People with Your Staff

Commercial photography can be used to post the images of professionals in your team. You can put up the photos of your staff members with their core specialties to increase confidence in your brand. You are likely to earn the trust of potential consumers if they know how you look like and your expertise.

Highlight Unique Features

Many businesses use generic photos that they can download from online image websites. However, these images do not capture the unique features of your business. Although generic images cut the costs of using photography for brand awareness, it is important to promote the features that make you stand out from your competition, and this is where commercial photography comes in.

In summary

Commercial photography is an old concept that has recently become popular with the rise of the digital age. In the past, pictures were used for effective communication. Nowadays, they are used for marketing purposes and creating brand awareness. As a business, entrepreneur, or professional service, using commercial photography will work wonders in terms of traffic to your website, increasing your sales and return on investment.

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