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What makes a good business photograph?

Business photography by Havelock - commercial photographers in Bristol
Spectacular photography is essential for making your business stand out from the crowd

Perhaps not the easiest question to answer, especially considering the wide range of images in our everyday lives, not to mention the unending stream on social media. However, regardless of the content all images (well, all good images) have the same base core principles, which when adhered to make a real difference between the perfect snap, and utter crap.

Firstly, form the image of the image. By that I mean, why are you taking it? What is the reason for this picture to exist? Without a driving image of what you want to capture, then you cannot achieve your goal, after all, how will you know if you’ve got the perfect picture if you don’t know what it is in the first place.

So approach your subject with clear purpose. That could be in a commercial sense like trying to promote your brand/product, or perhaps it’s attempting to capture the beauty of a scene, building, or sunset. Regardless, don’t just point and click, take time to really think about your goal, what your most trying to highlight, identify and ultimately secure in a photograph. This is where forming the image of the image in your head really helps, and it’s something professional photographers do when approaching any subject.

Once you know what you want the capture, now the hard part really begins.

They say no plan withstands first contact with the enemy, and that couldn’t be truer when applied to photography. Striving to actually get the image in your head into the viewfinder in front of you can be a thankless task and adapting to your conditions, as well as a true appraisal of your subject is key.

For example, you might want to take some ready moody shots of a barren landscape, but the weather is stunning the day you arrive with your camera, or maybe a client has asked you to capture the joy and warmth in their brand, but subsequently inform you that they build mousetraps… not good. This is where the image of your image will have to change, and that’s no bad thing. Go back to the drawing board in your head and start again, as without a clear path on what you really are intending to capture you are destined only to fail.

A critical part of any image is being aware of who is destined to see it. Knowing your audience isn’t just something commercial photographers must consider, but any professional photographer looking to create something worthwhile. Being aware of who is going to view the photograph, and nowadays on what platform (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) is a key part of any image. Yes it may be something as simple as ensuring a flower, bridge or skyline is in sharp focus, but will it be lost on the screen of a smart phone?

Ensuring a product is front and centre in a marketing video is great, but showing people using it, and creating a connection to just “who” those people are who buy that product, is the real goal.

Think about the images you see, that stick with you. How are they imagined? What stories are they trying to tell? Keep these things in mind and photographic glory awaits!

These are principles that we use every day at Havelock Photography. We’re happy to share some tips and tricks to get your photography out of the gutter, but if you’re still struggling, or if you’ve got a big job that you really need a pro on, give us a call and start a conversation about how we can make your business and brand photography and video stand out from the crowd.

If you want professional photography for you brand or business, why not get in touch by heading over to our contacts page here.

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