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Havelock Photography - Bristol commercial photography and video production






Havelock is a commercial photography and video production agency based in Bristol, but available nationwide.

We specialise in commercial, marketing, brand, fashion and event photography and promotional, marketing and social media video.


We provide businesses with imagery to boost brand awareness and help create visually striking websites, social media channels, marketing material and brand identities.

Take a look around our photography galleries HERE. You'll see that at Havelock we place high importance on visual style. Our whole business is built around helping clients stand out in the online and print world. We are all bombarded every day by thousands of images, so it's more important now than it has ever been before that your business has photography and videos that will grab attention and force the passing reader to stop on your page.

Not sure if you need professional business photography? Here are a few of the sorts of areas for which we have provided breathtaking images to our photography clients:

  • Photos for print advertising

  • Photos for marketing material

  • Photography for websites

  • Photography for online advertising

  • Photography for social media

  • Photography for Facebook ad campaigns

  • Photos for brand identity

  • Photos for online profiles such as LinkedIn, and website "about" pages

  • Event photography

  • Rebranding photography

These are a selection of the types of photography that we have provided in the past, but by no means all we can do! If you're looking for business photography for any purpose, give us a call, or drop us an email, and we will happily provide you with a quote for our photography services.


Havelock also provide a full video production service, covering any aspect of business video production.

Striking photography has long been established as an important asset for online branding and websites, but as broadband speeds are increasing and mobile download times are getting quicker, so video is becoming one of the most important visual marketing tools for your online business.

Here at Havelock we work with broadcast TV professionals ands only top of the range video and audio recording equipment to give our clients maximum quality video materials for any use.

Not sure if you need professional video production? Here are a few of the uses that our videos have been put to by clients in the past:

  • Marketing videos

  • Video advertising

  • Viral videos

  • Videos for social media

  • Videos for facebook ad campaigns

  • Videos for Instagram advertising

  • Vertical videos for Facebook and Instagram stories

  • Longer videos for YouTube

  • Explainer videos

  • Product videos for Shopify websites

  • Training videos for internal circulation

  • Videos for presentations

  • Pitch videos for sales

These are just a selection of video genres from the work we've done in the past but we will be more than happy to quote for any video production you're thinking of having done for your business. Give us a call or drop us an email and let us know what you're thinking!


We all had to start somewhere... we remember when we were just starting Havelock. We could have done with a helping hand. That's why we offer HUGE discounts for new start up companies.

It has never been more important to have striking photos and videos to make your business stand out from the crowd. But professional photography and professional video production costs money.

Don't worry, we're here to help. If you are a new business based in or near Bristol, then we want to help you get off the ground.

These days starting a new business means generating a new website, new marketing material, maybe leaflets, banners, social media pages... and they all need high quality photography. But you want to keep costs down, because you're in the early days! We get it. We can help you.

Call us now to find out about our new startup discounts.

Call us or email us to talk through your business photography and video needs. We have worked with hundreds of companies, and we're more than happy to offer free advice and guidance on the best way to get your business marketing material 

Here at Havelock Photography we pride ourselves on being an environmentally friendly, sustainable business. Ask us about our unique green policies, we'd be happy to share with you! 



At Havelock Photography we also take great pride in being a specific type of commercial photography company - run by talented people who enjoy their jobs and want feel good about themselves and what they are doing on a daily basis.


So, we have a set of brand values here at Havelock which adhere to very closely.


Our brand values are centred around a desire to sleep soundly at night, knowing that we've done a hard day’s work and done our best for our commercial photography clients and, wherever possible, leave everybody with a positive memory of their business photoshoot, and the whole brand photography experience.


This may sound a bit touchy-feely in the modern business world, but these are things that are important to us. We're fairly certain that you'll find our prices are not the cheapest, and we make no excuses for that. We set our rates honestly in accordance with the adjudged quality of our work. 


But within those guide prices we hope that you'll find that, in fact, the value you receive for that price makes it worth every penny.


We must be doing something right too, otherwise people wouldn't keep coming back!


You can read more about our brand values here.


We are also big supporters of Bristol, and Bristol businesses. Bristol is an amazing place to photograph, with some amazing locations and backdrops. Bristol businesses are very lucky! Being a Bristol commercial photography company is like a dream, with amazing views almost everywhere you look, and a real mix of styles available.


Read more about our favourite Bristol locations here.

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