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Here at Havelock we are experts in one thing above all others - creating eye catching photography.

There are things we're not good at... gardening for example. Not one of our talents. 

But eye catching photography is what we do. It's what we live for.

When we leave the kit room every day, laden with boxes and bags of cameras, tripods, lights and gadgets, we leave with one goal in mind - to create images for our clients that will take their breath away, and which will make every potential customer who passes those photographs, either in the street or online, stop and pay attention.

Marketing in the modern world is all about attention. Attention is the modern marketing equivalent of real estate... if you can get just a piece of attention then you're on the ladder and you can make a small bit of attention become a big bit of attention.

But just as with real estate, getting that first bit of attention is SO hard.

If your potential customer is viewing your photograph after, let's say, lunch time, then it is probably somewhere in the region of the 500th photo they have seen today. How are you going to make then stop on yours, when they have ignored the previous 499?

The way you do it, is by making you photography striking.

And the way you make your marketing photography striking... is by calling us.

Havelock specialise in creating photography which catches attention. And we do say "creating photography". We don't take photos, we certainly don't "snap". We build images from the ground up. We create scenes and we design lighting set ups to create photography that will blow your mind.

Take a look at the gallery above. Can you pick one single photo that you would describe as boring? Any that you think are lacking in dynamism and excitement?

I hope not. But of course you're welcome to your opinion!

But here's what our customers say about the images we create for them - they say that they are amazing. They say that they get comments on them every day. They say that they really catch people's eyes.

And that is what we're all about. 

Don't think your brand has anything to offer? Don't think that what you do is visually interesting enough to achieve images like those above? Call us. Call us know. You have no idea what we can create for you. You could have a whole set of images that will blow your mind.

What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone.

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