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The age of video marketing

There is no doubt that the world is changing when it comes to advertising and marketing.

For countless years the poster or billboard was the source of all product advertisement, then followed radio and in time, television. But now a new beast has emerged, the smart phone. A bastardised mix of images, sound and moving picture all right in the very palm of your hand and everyone has got one. Needless to say, advertisers will do anything to get this kind of access to their target markets and so digital marketing has exploded into the world with video leading the charge.

Man films two surfers on a beach - by Havelock, video production in Bristol
If you're not already doing video for your business marketing, you need to starts today... you're getting left behind!

In a lot of ways, you would think that the format for video in digital marketing would be much the same as any advert we see on TV. Indeed, many large companies simply shift across their broadcasted commercials to their social media channels. But in doing so, are these companies missing out?

The issue with video in digital marketing is that you have no need or incentive whatsoever to watch it. With TV, you are waiting for your show to start or return after the appropriate break, you are a captive audience, but with video in the realm of Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you can simply swipe it away.

This has proved a real challenge to many brands, commercial photographers and content creators alike, after all, how do you stop people long enough to see what you are trying to sell. This unique situation has lead to a whole new approaching to professional photography and videography with regards to advertising and brand identity. For one, you’ve got to be punchy right off the bat! Do you place your brand logo upfront, or start with a truly unique image which catches the eye of the browser long enough to get them to stop scrolling?

What then? Do you use dynamic picture to sell your product, or are you going to rely on tried and tested presenter led content to get your message across? It’s a tricky situation, but one thing which has definitely surfaced over the past few years of digital marketing is, there is no one size fits all approach.

Havelock video production in bristol, behind the scenes
Video is by far the most powerful marketing tool at your disposal. Ignore it at your peril!

Your company, brand or business needs to really assess just how you are going to develop videos when it comes to digital marketing and the social media circuit. Now I’m sure you might just be content to rely on images to sell your message, after all, they are easier to make and can be uploaded from your own smartphone. Hey, you might even fancy recording a video or two yourselves?

After all, how hard can it be? Well… very! While video definitely hasn’t killed the photograph within the realms of digital marketing, it has created its very own world which when tackled right can bring in big rewards to those who are willing to try. Video allows you to display your product, brand or business in a truly unique way, one that your customer would previously only get if they were in a bricks and mortar store.

By having the right video content on the right social media channels, you can target an audience that has instant access to worldwide industries like Google, Amazon and eBay, searching for your name, brand or product. Your new customer now can visit an online digital market place fully informed of what you can offer and has actually seen it in action. It’s a powerful tool, which can have superb results.

Here at Havelock, we cover all realms of digital marketing and ensure that whatever we are doing, we have a clear vision on where we are going, and just what we are aiming for. With many years of national and international television broadcast experience working with video is second nature for us, so let’s make it a first choice for you.

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