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Why spending money on professional photography makes sense.

Photo of the owners of New Bristol Brewery, by Havelock
Hiring a professional photographer could be the best thing your business ever did! Don't delay any more, call us today.

There is an old saying; pay peanuts get monkeys, and nowhere is this truer than the realms of commercial photography. In a time where individuals and businesses alike are trying to save cash, spending money on a professional photographer for you brand video, staff portrait or even social media content, may seem wasteful especially with that camera equipped smartphone in your pocket.

But wait just there, while you may make a half decent job of a selfie with your cup of tea for Instagram, that doesn’t mean it’s ready to bring business to your front door.

When a brand or business spends money on a professional photographer or videographer, it may not immediately be apparent of just how much skill and creative potential you are accessing.

For starters, a professional photographer who has experience working in the murky realms of promotional photography and social media advertising brings a lot more to the table that just a camera. Knowing how to post on the channels of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is a skill in itself, not to mention time consuming.

There is the timing of the post, the right tags and links, ensuring website address are placed prominently for particular channels, the list goes on! Many larger companies nowadays employ full time staff just to run this maelstrom of media, but a professional photographer who can offer digital content management can give up and coming, unique, and trail blazing companies all this in a single package.

Ok, so maybe you don’t mind the hassle of hashtags and fiddling with Facebook, but content is still king when it comes to advertising. Working with a professional photographer gives you a chance to develop your brand images and/or video with film studio quality.

Forget the cheap piece of software you downloaded to add some shadows to your lunchtime snaps, paying for photographs or video means a skilled hand working throughout the process. Creating the dynamic images you want from the minute the lens cap comes off, to the last export from professional industry editing software. This gives you as the client extreme control over just how your media is produced. Want something for Facebook? No worries! How about a short video for Instagram? Done! All thanks to a dedicated professional using their skills to ensure you can pay your bills.

Photo of a young girl in a corridor - by Havelock in Bristol
There are absolutely some things you can do yourself, but hiring a professional photographer for your business makes sense.

So what about those companies that don’t pay for professional photography? Well, first and foremost… who are they? Can you immediately name them? Likely not, as serious professionals know the value of other professionals.

Why have a dog and bark yourself? Let the photographer get the pictures while you focus on what matters most, running your business. With that said, there are businesses who take the matter of their images and social media into their own hands, and when you see it, you can really tell. Poor images linger long on the Internet; people’s social media feeds combining business with pleasure, as pictures of their newborn flag up right next to their new product.

Even your dedicated Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts might go for weeks, or months, without updating, leaving the customer bored and disconnected. Put simple, brands that pay good money for excellent media support get excellent service and returns, brands that don’t… don’t.

At Havelock Photography we offer a full range of services for any company looking to enter the twisted world of social media content, and want to break free from the stagnation of the norm. Let us show you what services we can provide and you’ll never look back.

Call us or drop us an email by heading to our contact page here.

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